Out & About Adventures

Mom & Daughter Day

Just like her mom, Jessica has a love for DIY driven by a sense of frugal that puts even me to shame.  Her husband Kory, loves to see the fun things she brings home, puts her touch to and glad she gets her projects done pronto, unlike her mom.  So naturally our most recent Mom & Daughter day involved the HWY 141 Garage Sale again this year! Like always we write our list, plan our trip and start the day with coffee.  This year we decided to start in Ogden and head West. Bopping around from town to town you see and hear so many things I thought I would highlight a few fun moments of the day.

Our very first garage sale was so much fun.  I found out one of the ladies running it was a devote Pride & Prejudice fan just like me. I bought a bicycle wheel nailed to a board priced at $1.00.  Come to find out the 8 year old boy made this little piece of work and was so happy someone “saw” his project and bought it. I walked away from that sale feeling like I made his day!

Jessica & Her Barn Door Treasure

We enjoyed a quick lunch and shopping at the Dawson Fire Station.  Outside of Dawson we stopped at a farm sale.  This farmer had such a fun personality and let us pick and makes piles right out of the barn. He even asked me if I had a “Pile License”.  At another farm sale Jessica found a barn door for her house!  I think the owners were shocked how we could be so in love with a barn door.  We carried that heavy thing all across the yard and had to completely unpack the Trailblazer to make that baby fit!  I almost bet they enjoyed the entertainment we gave them.

Another fun stop was at a little roadside style flea market.  We found some good junk, fresh cooked kettle corn and Cattails for the shop.  We finally made it to Coon Rapids about 3:00 only to find most of the sales were already closed up for the day.  However it was well worth it because we were able to visit Gary’s Antiques and hear the player piano he rebuilt. What a pleasure it was to see Jessica’s eyes light up with her fist experience.

The very last sale we went to, Jessica found a buffet that she could paint and make it her “own” for her home.  Again it involved almost completely unpacking the trailblazer to make room!

Before heading home we stopped for gas and a double dip ice cream cone. A perfect ending to a perfect day!




Apple Day

Apple Picking Crew & Ladders
Apple Picking Crew & Ladders Bill, Austin, Hannah, Samantha, Miranda and Jeff

What a beautiful Fall day to go and pick apples at Wilson’s Orchard near Iowa City!  It was so much fun to walk through the Orchard, which at first I thought was a lot but when you do it so leisurely, it was really relaxing.

Thanks to my daughter, Samantha, we had our own cloth bags to carry our sweet finds. The coolest thing, they allow you to sample all you want in the orchard.  We picked an apple, took a bite, fell in love and picked till our hearts content.

Wilson’s also has a fun little gift shop full of other fun things.  The smell of fresh baked apple pastries was to die for.  They even offer tractor rides through the orchard and grilled lunch.

A few things I learned while visiting Wilson’s.  Patience is a virtue!  I can honestly admit I am not a long line type of person. Samantha will tell you she tried to warn me about the long line to purchase your prize.  It was way worth the wait and the $40 I spent in apples was well worth it because the pie we baked with our September something er other apples, was YUMMY!

Bees!  Good heavens!  They are everywhere and those little sweet sucking dudes stole quite a few apples from me.  I’d take a bite and they would land themselves right on the fresh apple.  Miranda was stung by one, poor girl, that really hurts and makes you so mad.  So, bring your allergy pen and some sort of bee sting remedy with you, you’ll probably need it.

Ladders!  Bill holding Austin on his shoulders, was our ladder to grab those up high, almost done for the season, Honeycrisp apples we all love.  Thanks guys!  I did hear the tractor tour guide say they are now planting the apples in rows that are growing shorter to allow easier picking.  Good job!

A fun family day!


Our First Visit to Geneva Market

Honestly, what’s with me and going to markets in the rain?  Am I a die hard hunter? Nope, it’s just a coincidence I guess. Considering how busy my family life has been, I am now just getting back into the swing of things and trying to visit some of the sales I have been missing. Which, honestly my last commitment was the end of July and it’s now half way through September.  I can’t really use that as an excuse anymore, can I?  What do you think?

I recently picked the Geneva Market, Hampton, IA. There was no  way I was going to miss this market.  I was determined!  I gathered up the umbrellas, my rain boots, collected my husband and off we went.  It’s an hour and a half drive for us to get there but nice and quick since we take the interstate.  The Market is in a really cute park and adds a nice comfy and relaxing environment.  Since it had been raining we were lucky enough to get to park close and off the paved drive.  Turning around is a bit tricky so next time I will probably just park far away and pull the truck up if I have something large to load.

The ladies were polite at the gate and explained everything to us and happily collected our $3.00 per person admission. (If I remember that right) The rain did have an effect on a few vendors but most acted as if they didn’t give a hoot about the weather, greeted us with smiles, were happy to visit with us and sell sell sell!

The market really had a nice blend of  vintage, rustic, primitive, handcrafted, and not over board on distributor types. A lot of vendors really put a lot of effort into what they brought and it would have been really neat to see some of their displays if the weather had allowed.  It was also kind of neat for some of the vendors to put their “hard stuff” out and create a cute little shop in their trailers that we could walk through.  That was kind of fun.

Geneva Market Finds
My Fun Finds
Blue Bird Cage
Love this little blue birdcage! Super bright and headed to my booth at the Boone Flea Market, Boone, IA.

My favorite vintage/junk vendor of the market was Country Boy Salvage.  They had some really fun items, had a trailer to walk through, were super friendly and gained my following.  You should check them out here.

Crossgrain Woodworking was my favorite handcrafted vendor.  The work he does with reclaimed wood is amazing and will get my following for sure.  He’ll be sitting right there in my memory when I want something custom built. Visit their Facebook page for some great pictures and more information.

During this time of year I really gravitate toward Primitive finds to accent my Fall decorating. Let me tell you Primitive Sisters know how to bring it.  They really had some amazing things, their booth smelled amazing with all the cinnamon accenting they do.  I cannot even begin to imagine all the time they put into creating and preparing their items. Their booth was literally filled to the rim.  I can even bet they had some amazing displays in mind.  (I cannot find their link but I will definately update it as soon as I find them again, guh.)

There was a concession building serving food and drink.  The promoters had a scarecrow contest and we were asked to vote for our favorite.  Ooops, I forgot to vote.

On our first visit to the Geneva Market we came home with some fun finds, a good feeling overall about the market, and I look forward to returning in the Spring.



Junk Stock

If you have never been to Junk Stock you should adventure over to Omaha, NE at least once and check out this sale. First and for most a big thanks to Jessica, my daughter, for mentioning it and Bill, the hubs, for driving us over there.  We were first timers and super excited to experience this huge sale.

Getting there.  As expected there was a long line of cars to parking. We had to park  a half mile away (I think) in the residential area and walk along the highway.  That was not within my comfort zone.  It felt pretty dangerous. All I kept thinking was someone would be texting and plow me over.

I really have to tell you, nature called so we visited Port A Potty row.  They were unexpectedly ok! My daughter and I laughed and rated them 4 stars.  Only to deduct a star because it was almost full.  A HUGE thanks to who ever managed those.

Junk vendors really are troopers! They made the best of the rain/mud situation and still displayed their wares in creative and eye catching ways.  We even saw some humor in posted signs like

Loved this display! Red always draws my eye.
Loved this display! Red always draws my eye.

“Welcome to Mud Stock”  “Rain Stock Sale”

So creative and fun! I had to bring it home.

There was one booth in particular that  made me feel happy while snooping around.  I really wanted to just buy everything they had, loved the care in finishing products, good space for walking around, and just felt good.  Funny thing…my daughter held up the business card for the booth…it was The Junk Refunkery ! …Oh my gosh, no wonder I liked this one so much! Dori always makes the best things..I’m a fan..and she lives right here in Boone.   This little happy sign, I think was a rusty croquet marker embellished with letters, a red bow and owl.  I really love it stuck in my succulent pot.  I also purchased another little cutie for a gift.

Junk Stock was a busy place.  The junk hunks, I think they called them, were zipping around gathering the orange ticketed merchandise for car pick up.  Live music was playing in the background. Parents were pushing their infants around in strollers.  There were the handful of kids complaining they were sooo bored. I had to laugh and was thankful my child was 23 years old. One grandma had to explain what an old rotary dial phone actually was. Wow. If I ever open a store again a rotary phone station will be on the must have list.  The alleys were thankfully large for everyone to walk.  There were a few food vendors. All of the shoppers that I noticed were really enjoying themselves.

Another thank you to the little kids in the residential area for the Lemonade Stand.   Although, I think I would have paid you $10 for an ice cold beer and shaded lawn chair. It was a nice little break from walking back to our car. We enjoyed doing business with you.

We spent about three and a half hours at this sale. Overall, it was about a 10 hour time investment for us.  While driving home we talked about all of our experiences and didn’t mind the traffic, humidity, the crowds, the mud,  or sinking into the ground while eating our corn dogs, sodas and lemonade.   For me, I would like to have seen more smiling vendors out of their lawn chairs yelling “MUD FIGHT” or something along those lines to generate more of  a fun, what the heck, experience and environment for us.   On the most part it was a good event and something everyone should try at least once.

The best part of the whole trip was spending some great quality time with Jessica and the Hubs.  Love you guys 🙂


JB Knacker

 JB Knacker. A cute vintage home store! Plus Brenda, the owner, always has the coffee pot on!  Visit next time your in Gilbert, IA.
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