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We loved our little store in Ogden but it’s finally time to close the chapter on Twice the Story. We’re taking a much more personal approach going forward and hope you follow along with us!

Want to see what we are up to now? It’s all about life in the country.

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Hello Again!

Hello Again

Nova & Bailey

Another year has passed and it’s been a busy one for us.  We are still working on our house and are looking forward to moving in very soon!

 I have not been junking, creating, or decorating for an entire year and I am so ready to get back to it.  My thoughts about it have not been absent believe me!  Telling myself no has not really been in my vocabulary before.  I think Im doing well but am going to go NUTS when I give myself the green light.

Last summer I managed to get some flowers planted and tried to do the garden thing.  Apparently you have to water things and weed to make your garden fruitful.  Who knew!! All kidding aside I’m looking forward to try it again this year.

I’m blaming my garden fail on the dirt bike accident I had last summer.  I wiped out and dislocated my left elbow, had surgery and spent the rest of the summer trying to heal. 

Although the house is not done we still take time for family and have them here from time to time.  Jessica & Kory hosted a gender reveal party here.  It was a perfect day to announce the pending arrival of a little girl.  Lacey was born right before Christmas.   

We adopted another dog in September and I am loving it on the most part.  Nova, the one on the right, is a year old and Bailey, on the left, is our new addition and about 10 months old.  Having two dogs is like a house full of kids again.  Stop that, sit down, wipe your muddy feet, stay, eat, oh my god you’re throwing up again tossed in an abundance of hugs and kisses.  Sound familiar?

This year has been a year of learning for me.  I grouted both of the showers, stained and finished 22 windows, and am currently refreshing the woodwork and doors. Very long and challenging but everything looks awesome!

What have all of you been working on?  Have you found any great junk?  How is your family?  I miss our little store and miss catching up with all of you!

I’ll post pictures when the house if done and we are moved in.

Happy New Year!



Shopping Events & Store Changes

Remember my recent blog post “Where’s Mary”? In quick summary I’m still here and still running around like crazy. I am quickly realizing that if you try to do to much you end up doing nothing well and I’m going to have to find a new way of doing things.

So, I’m making time for more junking, creating, and our little shop! I’m pretty excited to end our weekly store hours and start once a month and occasional shopping at Twice the Story. Visit our home page, event page, or Facebook page for dates and times when we will be open.

Pick & Pie Night September 6th from 5-8 will be kind of launch for a new look, new shopping events, and of course pie!



Over Overly

What the heck happened to the month of July?  Quick recap…still working on the farm house, we’ve adopted a puppy (visit our Facebook page for pics we posted today) and Ragbrai came through Ogden this week.

I’ve managed to get some junking done and picked up some great old ladders, buckets and more!  I can’t wait to get them all cleaned up and ready for the fall season.  First things first tho. We. Have. To. Get. Some. Stuff SOLD!  I am over stocked and frankly overly excited for fall so it’s time for a SALE!!!

30% OFF Clearance Sale July 26-28th





Where’s Mary

Good morning! Remember the books Where’s Waldo?  Lately I’ve been feeling like Waldo without the red striped sweater. It seems like my presence in the store has been leaving you all wondering, “Where’s Mary”?  I’ve been around but more like everywhere!

Last March Bill and I made an offer on a farm house that was accepted, listed and sold our house in Boone and moved to the apartment above the shop.  It’s been a whirlwind ever since.  We will be renovating the old house and are excited to meet with contractors to get things rolling.  The kids have come out a few times to hang out and help out.  We  look forward to many gatherings in the years to come.

Around Mother’s Day my mom had a medical issue and spent 10 days in the hospital.  I’ve been helping her along and attending all of her doctor appointments with her to stay informed! For and independent gal it’s been frustrating for her to have to stay home and recover.  She’s doing great and getting out and about on her own and even helped run the shop last Saturday.   She’s bored and I’m busy so you can expect to see her in the shop from time to time.  Stop in and wish her well!

I’m trying to find some consistency for store hours but it’s been hard lately.  I wanted to make sure I could go with mom to her appointments and meet  with the contractors. Unfortunately, the store has had to get on the back burner during this crazy time.  I love my little shop and honestly miss it and miss all of you!  I know a lot of you travel from great distances to visit our place so please shoot me a message on Facebook, send me an email or call the shop and let us know when your coming.  If were available we would be happy to open up for your own private shopping.

Twice the Story will be open up during Ogden Fun Days!  Friday, June 22nd we’ll be open from 9 am – 7 pm or so.  It’s our two year anniversary at the shop and we get to celebrate with the car show right outside our door on Walnut St.  The car show officially runs from 5 to 9 but they start lining the streets around 11 am.  So, when you visit on Friday, plan to park a block or two away and take in all the shiny old cars while you stroll.  Join us Saturday, 9am – 3pm. You can watch the parade at 10:30 in your lawn chair  outside the shop or hang out with us in the air conditioning and watch through the window.

Thanks for all of your continued support during such an “ish” time for us.  Stay tuned for some fun in July.






Great. Amazing. Now Hurry !

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Wow! Time really does fly by when you’re having fun!  I realized that I haven’t kept all of you up to date on the what what with the store. It’s been great in October, great in November and great in December!  We have met some amazing people, seen some amazing items find new homes and enjoyed amazing times with our family!  I am so ever grateful for the experiences and yes, lessons I’ve learned over the past year.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I can’t wait!   We have decided to take a winter break again this year and have decided that Saturday, December 16th will be the last day the shop will be open for 2017!  Only nine more days…so hurry in and get your stocking stuffers, unique gifts, white elephants and tell your loved ones exactly what you want from Twice the Story.

Lastly, if we don’t see you before the 16th, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!




Go Shopping! Seriously!

It seems like July can be such a tough month to get through. We’ve all been to our family reunions, ball games are over, and most vacations have been enjoyed.  So, what is there to do besides stare at the brown grass and water plants?  Go shopping!  Seriously!

Retailers are ready for the next season and slashing prices. Before you say “I don’t need anything and most certainly don’t need summer stuff.” Let me make a few suggestions. Many summer items can be used in the fall and even winter.  For example: a red wagon filled with a straw bale and pumpkins for fall; sprigs of pine, berries, and burlap for winter. A teacup bird feeder can be brought inside for a pretty ring holder by the sink, a tealight holder or a sweet little winter hostess gift.

It’s a great time to start on your Christmas list.  Where are you going to find a special “Jump in the Lake” wood sign in November?  Or how about an old boat oar for the cabin?  Who wouldn’t love a little something that says summer when it’s 20 below in February?  I know I would!

My point is, take stock in all the sales going on around you right now, locally! This weekend Boone is hosting their annual Crazy Day Sale,   Country Blessings will be doing a sidewalk sale, and Twice the Story is having a… 

Reader Exclusive Clearance Sale!! 

 Thursday, 7/27 9-5   Friday, 7/28 9-5    Saturday, 7/28 9-3.

Receive 40% OFF Merchandise

Buy 3 get 1 FREE Bags of Coffee and Gourmet Cupboard mixes/spices.  

You must use CASH ONLY and coupon code: READERSALE at checkout to receive discounts.  Restrictions:  Signed by Laurie Wood Signs and already discounted items not included.



As many of you know we are scrambling to get ready for our son’s graduation next week! We’ll be in the store mostly mornings this week and closed next week so we can celebrate this fun time for Austin. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this crazy and awesome time for our family.

2017 Grad


The What What

Wow!  I cannot believe it’s been a month since we closed our store for a winter break!  It’s been kind of juggling act around here between being at home and trying to get some work done at the store.

Austin, our son had ACL surgery mid December and is doing pretty well. I have been taking him to school, Dr. appointments and  PT two times a week.  Mom’s taxi service has been great but I think he’s ready for his independence again.  Well, mom too, honestly!

I have been really excited to get over to the store for a few hours at a time to pack up the Christmas stuff and totally make a mess! We took full advantage of the warmer temp’s a few weeks ago and got the trailer all loaded up with some new fresh picks.  As of right now were waiting for mother nature to cooperate a little bit so we can get it unloaded.  Meanwhile, I have been doing some small projects and getting into the swing of things again.

We will be changing our hours just a little bit through the rest of the winter and will be post them soon at the bottom of our Home Page  and  Facebook.

I have missed all of you and I cannot wait to get the doors open on January 20th!  Who’s ready to get out of the house for some girl time?  I am! I am!

See you soon,




Top 10 Central Iowa Antique, Junk, Vintage Stores 2016


People often ask me if I have any recommendations for junktique shops around Iowa. You can’t go junking as often as I do without picking a few favorites along the way so I put together a list of my top recommendations. These shops come to mind for their fresh selections, friendly owners, or pleasant ambience. Check out my top 10 and let me know what you think.


1. Gypsy’s Alley – Nevada, Iowa

1472606581_location 922 Lincoln Way Nevada, IA, 50201   1472607844_phone (515) 382-4283  1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_FacebookGypsys-Alley

vintage, antique, historic, lincoln, rustic

Don’t be fooled by their size, this tiny shop is filled to the brim with fun and interesting displays full of vintage finds, antique relics, re-purposed and upcycled items, and made goods. Their consignment really helps bring variety to the store, they literally have something for everyone. I’m often surprised at how much they are able to pack into the small space in a cute and inviting way. I love walking through this shop time and time again and I never leave empty handed. Between their welcoming displays and their friendly demeanor, the owners have created a space that will make any junk lover feel right at home. This is one of my favorite stores to go into right now and I know it’ll become an instant favorite of yours when you stop in.


2. Country Blessings – Jefferson, Iowa

1472606581_location 1263 Pioneer Ave, Jefferson, IA 50129   1472607844_phone (515) 386-2999  1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_FacebookCountry-Blessings

Country Blessings Jefferson Iowa, Rustic art industrial, shabby chic

Right off Highway 30, between Grand Junction and Jefferson is a wonderful shop with a unique collection of home decor. Leave your expectations at the door, this isn’t your usual vintage shop. They’ve got a fresh blend of primitives, junk, and made items. Plus, their Junkpalooza event has an ideal country style that makes you want to drink sweet tea and spend the day taking in the atmosphere, music and “just be.” When the day is done, you’ll be begging for more. Your first trip won’t be your last.


3. JB Knacker – Gilbert, Iowa

1472606581_location 123 Main St, Gilbert, IA 50105   1472607844_phone (515) 233-2600   1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_FacebookJBKnacker

JB Knacker, Gilbert, Iowa, Ames, Iowa, Vintage, Home Store

Located smack dab in the center of Iowa, just a few miles north of Ames is JB Knacker, a vintage home store you must stop and see. They’ve got ephemera, antique furniture, vintage home decor, salvaged pieces, rustic finds, and more. Not to mention every time I go, I’m greeted warmly by the shop owner, Brenda, and she always surprises me by asking about my family. You can tell that she has a love for junk and an even greater affection for her customers. She’ll make you feel like you’re coming home every time you stop.


4. Thumbprint Cottage – Cambridge, Iowa

1472606581_location 60159 290th St. Cambridge, IA 50046   1472607844_phone (515) 382-4279 1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_Facebookthumbprintcottage

Thumbrpint Cottage, Cambridge, Iowa, Vintage, Country, Home

Just a hop, skip, and a jump southeast of Ames, Thumbprint Cottage is a quaint shop full of shabby love to the core. They’ve got a romantic country home feel that speaks to me. I love their girly and feminine displays and pieces, it makes me feel like I’ve walked into my own private she-shed. The owner is always friendly and makes me feel welcome. Worth the trip for sure. 


5. Old New & Things 2 Redo – Boone, Iowa

1472606581_location 809 Story St, Boone, IA 50036 1472607844_phone (515) 520-0237 1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_FacebookOldNewandThings2Redo


Recently opened up in a new location in Boone, Old New & Things 2 Redo has stocked their store full of great painted furniture, vintage items, rustic junk, and re-purposed pieces. I absolutely love just walking through their store and gazing at all of their fun finds and whimsical displays. This is truly a place where every item has the potential to be the centerpiece of your collection. Let me know what you find in the shop and what you do with it!


6. Uptown Funky junk – boone, iowa

1472606581_location Location 817 8th St, Boone, IA 50036   1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_Facebook

From the moment you step on the curb outside Uptown Funky Junk you can tell the owners love to refurbish and upcycle furniture and vintage pieces. Take your time browsing their furniture, creative solar lights and even an old bank vault filled with soaps and lotions. If you’re into DIY, they offer a large selection of chalk paint and the owner is always willing to give you some tips on getting the most from them. It’s always a pleasure to visit this quaint store when I’m looking for something special.


7. Antiques Iowa – Story City, Iowa

1472606581_location    1472607844_phone (515) 733-9311   1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_Facebookantiquesiowa

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the largest Antique Mall in Central Iowa. With over 125 different vendors, you could spend the entire day here going through all of the merchandise and still not see everything. Bookmark this one for sure and stop into Antiques Iowa next time you’re on the hunt.


8. Red Barn Rustics – Boone, iowa

1472606581_location 2035 205th St. Boone, IA 50036   1472607844_phone (515) 432-8421 1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_FacebookRed-Barn-Rustics


This isn’t a normal stop-and-shop junk store. Red Barn Rustics in Boone only opens for occasional sales, so watch their Facebook page. They’ve been in the business for 10 years and it’s obvious they know their rustic treasures when they see them. I love the touches of shabby they bring to their shop and displays, plus they’ve got a great collection of straight up vintage and antique items. Not to mention, the owner is always friendly. One of the best barns I’ve visited in the area. Like them on Facebook and make a point to head out the next time they have a sale.


9. Broad Street Market By Carter Station – Story City, Iowa

1472606581_location 515 Broad St Story City, IA 50248   1472607844_phone (515) 450-8887  1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_Facebookbroadstreetmarketiowa


Located in Story City, Broad Street Market is an amazing space that will hit right to the soul of any rustic and vintage lover. Every time I go in I day dream about what my home would look like with their upscale vintage benches, cupboards, and salvaged finds. You’ll find rustic wind mill pieces, farmhouse style tables and cupboards, and lots of other excellent vintage items here. Worth the drive, and a must stop if you’re already in the area.


10. Gravy Home Goods – Jewell, Iowa

1472606581_location 630 Main St Jewell, IA 50130   1472607844_phone (515) 231-5058   1472607967_Socialmedia_icons_FacebookGravyhomegoods

Gravy Home Goods, Jewell, Iowa, Vintage, Home, Rustic, Antique, Junk

Just 15 miles north of Story City is a vintage home goods store with a twist of humor. Every time I go in there they have something that makes me chuckle. Their eye for unique finds and an intuition for re-purposing old junktique items into modern works of art means they can truly hit all types of design styles. Whether you’re on the look out for an Iowa Barn Wood table, some handmade soap, or even a chair covered in moss they’ve got you covered. Check them out if you’re on the hunt for home goods in the realm of modern, farmhouse chic, shabby chic, vintage, antique, or rustic. You won’t be disappointed.















So Far So Great


It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re having fun! We feel so at home in Ogden, like it was meant to be. The community has been very welcoming. We love the word-of-mouth advertising from Made to Gaze right here in Ogden and one of our favorite stores, Country Blessings in rural Jefferson. And that’s not to mention the individuals who continue to recommend us to their friends and family. We’re noticing some people returning for their 2nd and 3rd visits with their friends at their side. I love getting to know our repeat customers! We’re over the moon at how much everyone talks about us and helps us spread the word. A big “thank you” to all of you!

We’re also gearing up for some exciting events:

  • Boone Pufferbilly Days – Saturday, September 10th: The store will be closed since we’ll be floating our way down Story Street in Boone during the annual parade. Read all about it here.
  • Pick & Pie Night – Thursday, September 15th 5-8pm: Fall is Mary’s favorite season! Come see how we celebrate the changing leaves and crisp days of fall with our fresh picked relics! While you shop enjoy a free slice of pie and cider from Deals Orchard in Jefferson.
  • Junktober30 – October 1st 8am-6pm: Ogden will be taking part in the Junktober30 junk’n event this October. It’s going to be a full day of junk love. Watch this blog and our Facebook page for more details.
  • Fort Dodge Vintage Market – October 14-16th: Keep an eye out for our space. Read about the vintage market on their Facebook page.

Despite all the hustle and bustle we’ve still been able to do lots of shopping for the store. So much, in fact, that our storage is packed to the brim! We’ve been bringing out little things here and there so you’re likely to see something new every time you come in. We’re looking forward to flipping the store to prepare for Fall, our favorite season!



20 Days

We’re finally closing the book on Renovation!  Words just cannot describe all the thoughts, mental and physical feelings,  the highs and lows of emotions and checkbook balances.  “What a Ride”!

Over the next 20 Days:

  • We will have some amazing family events.  Sam & Jeff will welcome their new baby into this world, I get to celebrate my Birthday, Jess & Kory celebrate the purchase of their home with an Open House Party and Bill will welcome hugs from the kids on Father’s Day.
  • Bill will finish some things around the building.
  • I will continue to get the store all ship shape and set up my working and retail areas.
  • Post on Facebook more information about our Opening Day! Don’t have Facebook?  Visit our Homepage for more information about store hours or contact us and we’ll send you all the info.

It’s Go Time!



June is Coming Fast

Hello everyone!  I realized today it’s been quite awhile since I posted.

April turned out to be a busy month for us.  My brother got married and we attended three baby showers for our daughter and son in law. It’s so hard to believe our first grandchild is due in just 4 weeks.

As far as the store goes we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  In the next week or two I will start moving in!  Ahhh! I’m so excited! So, as soon as I can get organized and spend some time with the new baby we will host our Grand Opening!  No dates are set as of yet but keep watching, we’ll post just as soon as we know!

June is coming fast!


Happy 2016!

New Year= New Start!
Just a few quick updates: I’m going to be a Grandma! Bill and I are so happy and excited for Sam & Jeff! Our new little one is expected June 3rd. So, you know what that means.. another fun filled summer for our family!

Santa was goood to me this Christmas!  I got a Cricut and a Cinch binding tool! It’s been fun messing around with them. I’ve wire bound two journals from old book covers I was saving. Sorry no pictures, yet. The Cricut is turning out to be a little bit of a learning curve but I’ll get that baby mastered soon.

Twice the Story. We have been doing some creating for Spring, doing lots of shopping, organizing and tossing!  Cleaning everything out and getting organized is a lot of work but so refreshing.   It really feels like I’m on the road to a new fresh start with my business and creativity.

Another amazing year came to a close.  Another story unfolding.  Today is Day 1. New start. Ready…set…go!

Happy New Year,




Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Tibbetts

I was so honored that Samantha (our daughter) and Jeff asked me to make paper rosettes for their wedding.

We incorporated the rosettes at the ceremony, the reception, and even accents for the cake!  With over 100 rosettes for the reception, we were able to create some amazing walls displays. I think my favorite item were the rosettes for the benches at the ceremony.  We used new paper in grey, orange, white, and chevron in grey and orange.  The rosettes ranged from 2″ to 18″ in diameter.

When I first started Twice the Story,  I always had the vision to incorporate paper into weddings and knew they would be an amazing addition.  Samantha and Jeff  gave me that first opportunity.  It was exciting for me to learn some new techniques, packaging for transportation, brush up on my math skills, and of course my creativity.

So, thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Tibbetts, for giving Twice the Story this opportunity to be part of your amazing day.

Congratulations and lots of love!

Mary (mom) @ Twice the Story