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My Crochet Story

Grandma taught me how to crochet when I was little. Although I could not crochet, nor had the patience at a young age, I managed to master the single crochet stitch and made countless chains of “snakes”. Today, I love my “I” hook and pass the evenings away crocheting something or trying out new stitches I found online. It’s been many years since Grandma taught me to make those snakes and I think of her often when I am crocheting for my littles. Probably why grandma crocheted too. I wish I could ask her what her favorite hook size
Protective acrylic varnish coating of wooden surface. A paint brush, easel, brown color varnish

Wood Stain- Simple or Not?

Recently I was in a Facebook group someone posted a question that seemed a little odd at first. “Where does everyone get their wood stain? And what color options are there?” I thought this was something simple everyone knew. How can someone not know where to buy wood stains? How can someone not know what color options there are? There are probably a lot of people that may not know the answer to that question. I wanted to take a few moments and talk about where I buy wood stains and what colors are available. Where do you buy

Our Old Building-Good Vibes To New Owners

Many of you know we closed our little store in Ogden a couple of years ago. Recently we decided to clean it out and list it for sale. It sold within 3 days!! We are so excited to finally close that chapter! We wish the new owners all the best and hope they love the old building as much as we did!

Shopping Events & Store Changes

Remember my recent blog post “Where’s Mary”? In quick summary I’m still here and still running around like crazy. I am quickly realizing that if you try to do to much you end up doing nothing well and I’m going to have to find a new way of doing things. So, I’m making time for more junking, creating, and our little shop! I’m pretty excited to end our weekly store hours and start once a month and occasional shopping at Twice the Story. Visit our home page, event page, or Facebook page for dates and times when we will

Over Overly

What the heck happened to the month of July?  Quick recap…still working on the farm house, we’ve adopted a puppy (visit our Facebook page for pics we posted today) and Ragbrai came through Ogden this week. I’ve managed to get some junking done and picked up some great old ladders, buckets and more!  I can’t wait to get them all cleaned up and ready for the fall season.  First things first tho. We. Have. To. Get. Some. Stuff SOLD!  I am over stocked and frankly overly excited for fall so it’s time for a SALE!!! 30% OFF Clearance Sale

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