I have always been a crafter, thrifter, junker, and often frugal. Winter was in full force when I decided to make a flower from an old book I had laying around. That very first flower had me hooked and I have been making flowers, cards, journals and up-cycling/repurposing things ever since.

In 2013, my love of reading sparked an idea to sell some of my “too good to craft with” books online. I was unsure what to call this new business idea and turned to my family for ideas and our daughter blurted out “Twice the Story”. Eventually we evolved at the retail level and opened a retail store.  We showcased our vintage, junk, handmade and thrifted items in a way that showed people items have more uses than what they were intended for. Twice the Story always hosted seasonal open houses and even kicked off an event called Pick & Pie Night where everyone could shop our new fall finds and enjoy a slice of pie. We really enjoyed meeting like minded people and always had a great time.

We loved our store but were called to a quieter life in the country.  We decided to close the store front to focus on our new roles as grandparents and made the move to the country. We renovated our farmhouse and after two years, the farmhouse was complete.

Now that house is finished and we are settled in, I am starting to create again. I still continue to thrift, visit antique, junk, vintage and handcrafted boutiques in my area. I look forward to sharing my projects, DIY tips, and fun days out and about.

Thank you for following along on our many phases over the last eight years!