Protective acrylic varnish coating of wooden surface. A paint brush, easel, brown color varnish

Wood Stain- Simple or Not?

Recently I was in a Facebook group someone posted a question that seemed a little odd at first. “Where does everyone get their wood stain? And what color options are there?” I thought this was something simple everyone knew. How can someone not know where to buy wood stains? How can someone not know what color options there are? There are probably a lot of people that may not know the answer to that question. I wanted to take a few moments and talk about where I buy wood stains and what colors are available. Where do you buy

Best Thing This Side of the River

Ya ever find that one piece of junk you will turn into the best thing this side of the river?  Me too! All the time!  Barrel Ring Orbs is one fo sho!! I seriously love these things! I bought these crazy gorgeous rings just about a year ago with the world’s greatest intention to make me one! I have to own my crazy and say “it’s never going to happen”.  Why?  Well, because I have so… much…. junk …  I have to literally reset myself!  Like seriously! So, while I focus on gathering up “good idea” junk,  for a