Top 10 Central Iowa Antique, Junk, Vintage Stores 2016

People often ask me if I have any recommendations for junktique shops around Iowa. You can’t go junking as often as I do without picking a few favorites along the way so I put together a list of my top recommendations. These shops come to mind for their fresh selections, friendly owners, or pleasant ambience.  Update, 2021.  Sadly, several of these shops have closed their brick and mortar shops and switched to traveling only or are no longer in business.  Stay tuned for a new 2021 version coming soon! Country Blessings is located smack dab in the center of Iowa,
End of day treat!

Mom & Daughter Day

Just like her mom, Jessica has a love for DIY driven by a sense of frugal that puts even me to shame.  Her husband Kory, loves to see the fun things she brings home, puts her touch to, and glad she gets her projects done pronto, unlike her mom.  So naturally our most recent Mom & Daughter day involved the HWY 141 Garage Sale again this year! Like always we write our list, plan our trip and start the day with coffee.  This year we decided to start in Ogden and head West. Bopping around from town to town