Happy 2016!

New Year= New Start!
Just a few quick updates: I’m going to be a Grandma! Bill and I are so happy and excited for Sam & Jeff! Our new little one is expected June 3rd. So, you know what that means.. another fun filled summer for our family!

Santa was goood to me this Christmas!  I got a Cricut and a Cinch binding tool! It’s been fun messing around with them. I’ve wire bound two journals from old book covers I was saving. Sorry no pictures, yet. The Cricut is turning out to be a little bit of a learning curve but I’ll get that baby mastered soon.

Twice the Story. We have been doing some creating for Spring, doing lots of shopping, organizing and tossing!  Cleaning everything out and getting organized is a lot of work but so refreshing.   It really feels like I’m on the road to a new fresh start with my business and creativity.

Another amazing year came to a close.  Another story unfolding.  Today is Day 1. New start. Ready…set…go!

Happy New Year,