Mom & Daughter Day

Just like her mom, Jessica has a love for DIY driven by a sense of frugal that puts even me to shame.  Her husband Kory, loves to see the fun things she brings home, puts her touch to, and glad she gets her projects done pronto, unlike her mom.  So naturally our most recent Mom & Daughter day involved the HWY 141 Garage Sale again this year!

Like always we write our list, plan our trip and start the day with coffee.  This year we decided to start in Ogden and head West. Bopping around from town to town you see and hear so many things I thought I would highlight a few fun moments of the day.

Our very first garage sale was so much fun.  I found out one of the ladies running it was a devote Pride & Prejudice fan just like me. I bought a bicycle wheel nailed to a board priced at $1.00.  Come to find out the 8 year old boy made this little piece of work and was so happy someone “saw” his project and bought it. I walked away from that sale feeling like I made his day!

We enjoyed a quick lunch and shopping at the Dawson Fire Station.  Outside of Dawson we stopped at a farm sale.  This farmer had such a fun personality and let us pick and makes piles right out of the barn. He even asked me if I had a “Pile License”.  At another farm sale Jessica found a barn door for her house!  I think the owners were shocked how we could be so in love with an old barn door.  We carried that heavy thing all across the yard and had to completely unpack the Trailblazer to make that baby fit!  I almost bet they enjoyed the entertainment we gave them.

Another fun stop was at a little roadside style flea market.  We found some good junk, fresh cooked kettle corn and Cattails for the shop.  We finally made it to Coon Rapids about 3:00 only to find most of the sales were already closed up for the day. However it was well worth it because we were able to visit Gary’s Antiques and hear the player piano he rebuilt. What a pleasure it was to see Jessica’s eyes light up with her fist experience.

The very last sale we went to, Jessica found a buffet that she could paint and make it her “own” for her home.  Again it involved almost completely unpacking the trailblazer to make room! Before heading home we stopped for gas and a double dip ice cream cone. A perfect ending to a perfect day!