My Number One Glue

IMG_20140111_095455_208-1Today I wanted to tell you about my number one glue!  My husband, Bill.

When this all started my good friend asked me if my husband was on board with my business adventure.  I acknowledged he was.  Lately, I have realized what that really means.

Bill works a full time job, spends every evening working in the shop after working all day, rarely gets to enjoy a home cooked meal, endures far more aches and pains than I do, has to listen to me, a great dad to all our kids, makes sure all our bills are paid at home, takes care of so much more than one could realize, still has a sense of humor, keeps the motivation truck moving, and somehow finds the love in his heart to give me a hug when I need it most.

Thank you for holding us all together!  I appreciate everything you do and I love you!

Go on everyone, tell your glue how much you love and appreciate them today!