Quick Update

Progress seems a little slower these days.  We focused our attention on getting the apartment projects done.  New appliances were delivered last week, Austin installed new cabinet hardware, bathroom floor installed, and we are almost done painting.  Wow! Painting! A tough job!  The ceilings are high and there is trim everywhere.  I can honestly admit I was scared climbing up the ladder to 12′ ceilings. On a funny side, there are 26 steps up to the apartment and I might have worked off a few pounds in certain areas going up and down. My hips are telling me all about it today.

We returned to the shop late yesterday afternoon and started working on some projects.  I still have not decided what color I’m going to paint but found some colors I really like from National Trust Historic colors by Valspar.  I don’t think I can go wrong with anything I pick from this line.  Kind of fitting for an 1890 building. We have exposed brick walls, replicated hardwood vinyl flooring, and barn wood accents. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Today, the window replacement project starts!  I don’t know how those old windows stayed together for so long.  It seems like caulk is all that is holding them together.  I found a gap I could put my finger through and quickly stopped messing with it for fear the window would go crashing down to the sidewalk.

Well that’s it for this update!  I’ll tell more again soon.