Renovation Update

It’s been three weeks of renovation I figured it was time I post an update on how it’s going. We have seen so much change in such a short time with the demo process. Green carpet pulled up, barn board taken down from the walls and window display areas and saved for a future project, brick wall exposed and treated, loft area torn down, ceiling tiles removed, retail counter moved near it’s new location, sugar plum wall paper all removed, kitchen wall opened up into the office area, and apartment wallpaper torn down. Whew!

Throughout this process we have found some fun things.  A piece of old map hidden behind the drywall, amazing color wallpaper from long ago, an imprint of an old wall sconce, and my favorite of all, the old vent grate hidden behind the dishwasher in the apartment which we relocated to the brick wall downstairs. I have been saving little pieces of this and that and taking lots of pictures to make a renovation scrapbook to share with all of you when you visit.

Bill has done a great job keeping us organized! He implemented a “Scrum” board that shows us what needs to be done, what we are working on, impediments for getting something done, group decisions to be made, and finally what’s done.  It has really helped me to look at the big picture and pick and choose things I know I can do.  Not to mention how amazing it feels to see that done list growing and growing.

We all knew window replacement was going to be a biggie and tackled that job first.  We met with four different contractors and chose an amazing crew and company. Farm & Home Builders, Inc. offered such a great product, warranty program, and a crew with nearly 60 years of experience.  We are really looking forward to working with them.  (check them out and mention Mary Kelly sent ya) We will be replacing the retail windows, upstairs apartment windows, adding a window to our office area and a storm on the backside of apartment level.  I can’t wait for the project to start mid to late March.

The kids have been great helping when and where they can and adding fun to a pretty hard job, mom (Sue) is biting at the bit to get back to work in the shop after some minor knee surgery, and so far we only have band aid level injuries. All in all things are moving along faster than I anticipated.

A great big thank you to the Ogden area residents for stopping in to say hello, mentioning us in the paper, passing along news about us, late night drive-by (yes I see you :)) to check in on our progress, and welcoming us into your community.

We are truly blessed.