Vintage Cosmetic Set


One of the things I love about shopping thrift and or vintage shops is the ideas I get from just looking around. I tend to think of things in a display mindset. What could I do with this? What do I already have that I could pair with this? More often then not I can come up with something.

I gathered some of my cute vintage items and created The Vintage Cosmetic Set that includes nail polish, lipstick, bobby pins, tortoise shell plastic hair forks, costume daisy necklace, and a hand crocheted pink doily. I can imagine displaying this set on a vintage dressing table, in a salon, boutique, powder room, bedroom or anywhere you want to add a little vintage touch.

It’s really exciting to rediscover everything, bundle them together, and start listing them in my Etsy shop! It feels really good to get the ideas rolling again and I will let you all know what idea I have for items I list. Visit our shop, follow, and please share!