Where’s Mary

Good morning! Remember the books Where’s Waldo?  Lately I’ve been feeling like Waldo without the red striped sweater. It seems like my presence in the store has been leaving you all wondering, “Where’s Mary”?  I’ve been around but more like everywhere!

Last March Bill and I made an offer on a farm house that was accepted, listed and sold our house in Boone and moved to the apartment above the shop.  It’s been a whirlwind ever since.  We will be renovating the old house and are excited to meet with contractors to get things rolling.  The kids have come out a few times to hang out and help out.  We  look forward to many gatherings in the years to come.

Around Mother’s Day my mom had a medical issue and spent 10 days in the hospital.  I’ve been helping her along and attending all of her doctor appointments with her to stay informed! For and independent gal it’s been frustrating for her to have to stay home and recover.  She’s doing great and getting out and about on her own and even helped run the shop last Saturday.   She’s bored and I’m busy so you can expect to see her in the shop from time to time.  Stop in and wish her well!

I’m trying to find some consistency for store hours but it’s been hard lately.  I wanted to make sure I could go with mom to her appointments and meet  with the contractors. Unfortunately, the store has had to get on the back burner during this crazy time.  I love my little shop and honestly miss it and miss all of you!  I know a lot of you travel from great distances to visit our place so please shoot me a message on Facebook, send me an email or call the shop and let us know when your coming.  If were available we would be happy to open up for your own private shopping.

Twice the Story will be open up during Ogden Fun Days!  Friday, June 22nd we’ll be open from 9 am – 7 pm or so.  It’s our two year anniversary at the shop and we get to celebrate with the car show right outside our door on Walnut St.  The car show officially runs from 5 to 9 but they start lining the streets around 11 am.  So, when you visit on Friday, plan to park a block or two away and take in all the shiny old cars while you stroll.  Join us Saturday, 9am – 3pm. You can watch the parade at 10:30 in your lawn chair  outside the shop or hang out with us in the air conditioning and watch through the window.

Thanks for all of your continued support during such an “ish” time for us.  Stay tuned for some fun in July.