Wood Stain- Simple or Not?

Recently I was in a Facebook group someone posted a question that seemed a little odd at first. “Where does everyone get their wood stain? And what color options are there?” I thought this was something simple everyone knew. How can someone not know where to buy wood stains? How can someone not know what color options there are? There are probably a lot of people that may not know the answer to that question. I wanted to take a few moments and talk about where I buy wood stains and what colors are available.

Where do you buy wood stains? Wood stain is everywhere! Pick any home improvement store, Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, dollar store, or shop online. I buy my wood stain from home improvement stores because it is convenient for me and reasonably priced. I tend to stay away from craft and hobby stores because the price I found was $9.99 for a small can and the same stain was $4 to $5 cheaper at the home improvement store. Buying stain from a home improvement store also gives you so many choices for colors, finishes, indoor, outdoor and more.

What colors are available? The short answer: A LOT! I searched on wood stain at an online home improvement store and found 755 choices/entries and 15 pages to look through. It seems the colors are unlimited! Picking a stain color can be a lot of fun and not very simple. If you are new to using wood stains, I would recommend buying two or three small cans. Try testing your color choice on a sample piece of wood or somewhere inconspicuous on the item you want to stain. You might even be able to ask your friends and family if you could try a test sample for something they have in their storage.

To answer my questions, not everyone knows this information (that seems so simple. to me), and picking a stain color is not simple at all. Thank you to the person that asked the question and for giving me something to rethink and share with you. One final tip, spend some time in the home improvement stores, get to know the employees and who is knowledgeable, ask them questions!